# Maps

These are a list of maps that are currently in via game. Some maps are not listed due to them being a debugging map or them being a PvP map.

A few of the maps are missing their creators so they've been filled in with "Lost to time"

Name Title Creators
aleyesu The Ruins of Aleyesu rickler
aluhandra2 Aluhandra Desert East Rickler
ara The Siege of Ara J
b_castle The Castle P Barnum
bloodrose Bloodrose Valley Kuroneko, EvilSquirrel
bloodshrine The Bloodshrine Joe
calruin2 The Calrian Ruins Kuroneko, Lanethan
catacombs The CATacombs Cat
chapel The Chapel CSS
cleicert Cleicert Temple Dridje
lowlands, highlands, lostcastle, skycastle Curse of the Bear Gods Series Crow
daragoth The Plains of Daragoth DrKill, Ewok
demontemple The Demonic Temple AmIAnnoyingNow
deralia The City of Deralia Ewok
deraliasewers Deralia Sewers Dridje, Joe
dragooncaves The Dragoon Caves Furion
edana The Village of Edana Lord Maz
edanasewers The Edana Sewers Eirik, Kristoffer
fmines Forgotten Mines? Oyster
foutpost The Forgotten Outpost EvilSquirrel
gatecity Gate City DrKill
gertenheld_cape, gertenheld_cave, gertenheld_forest Gertenheld series Dridje
gertenhell Gertenhell Lost to time
goblintown Goblin Town DrKill
helena The Town of Helena Kuroneko
hemlock Hemlock Caluminium
heras The Ruins of Heras Icewind
hunderswamp_north The Northern Hunderswamps Sgt Rehab
idemark_tower Idemark's Tower Lockdown
island1 Newbie Island Orpheus
isle The Isle CSS
isleofdread1 The Isle of Dread J
isleofdread2 The Isle of Dread J-M v2.5.5
keledrosprelude2, keledrosruins Keledros' Series Father Brandon
kfortress The Kharaztorant Fortress AmIAnnoyingNow
kroush Kroush Grove Dehoth
Lodagond1, 2, 3, 4 lodagond series Crow
lostcaverns Caverns of the Lost Jon
m2_quest M2 Quest Cyax
rmines Place holder Oyster
mines The Lost Mines Kuroneko
ms_caves MS Quest: Caves Cyax
ms_quest MS Quest Cyax
ms_snow The Frozen Summmit Avoozl, Evilsquirrel, help from P Barnum
ms_soccer MS Sorcerball Caluminium
ms_swamp MS Quest: Swamp Cyax
ms_town MS Quest: Swamp Cyax
ms_underworldv2 Underworld Lost to time
ms_wicardoven Wicard Oven Castle Replica, Kuroneko
msc_tutorial Tutorial Map Dridje
mscave The Dark Caves DrKill
nashalrath The Ruins of Nashalrath LittleFrodo, Tamamo-no-Bae, J
nightmare_edana Nightmare Edana Furion
nightmare_thornlands Nightmare Thornlands Lord Max, Thothie
oceancrossing Ocean Crossing Rickler
old_helena Old Helena Lord Maze
orc_for Orkat Forest Sargent Rehab
orcplace2_beta Hidden Orc Place Crow
Phlames Fortress of Phlame's Caluminium
phobia Phobia Fortress Caluminium
sfor The Dark Forest Lord Maz
shad_palace, sorc_villa The Shadahar Orcs Series Rickler
shender_east The East Shenders Lockdown
smugglers_cove The Smuggler's Cove Rickler
thanatos Thanatos Mountain J
the_keep The Bandit Keep LittleFrodo
the_wall1, 2 The Wall Series skillasuar
thornlands_north North Thornlands
thornlands The Thornlands Lord Maz
tundra The Frozen Tundra Joe
umulak The Tombs of Umulak Dridje
unrest, unrest2_beta1 The Unrest Jester
ww1, 2b, 3d World Walker Series Crow