# FuzzNet (FN)

FuzzNet is a central database that game servers can be granted access to that store a player's character data across all FN servers. This is too allow the game to have more of a MMO feel and allow players to connect to different servers without worry about if they can access their characters or not.

The FN database/server is managed by the MSR staff team.

Servers that are connected to the FN will have [FN] in front of their name.

# Benefits

Currently there's a list of benefits to playing on a FN server. The benefits may change at any time, in which we'll update this page.

  • +200% flat XP multiplier, coupled with:
  • +50% XP per additional player beyond the first.
  • +25% gold per additional player in multi-inventory chests, and most mob drops.
  • x4 XP multiplier on Elites (bosses).
  • +100% XP per additional player on Elites.
  • Improved loot chances, which improve even more with each additional player present.

# FN Access Requests

Currently, we are not accepting requests. In the future all requests will be handled by MSR staff.

# Character transfers

Currently not available due to MSR being in beta.

# Rollbacks

Rollbacks are handled by MSR staff and can be requested on our Discord server. Currently not available due to MSR being in beta.

# History

FuzzNet or the central database was originally hosted for MS:C by a user known as fuzzyfish, then the term FuzNet or FuzzNet was coined by a known user of J-M.

We decided to keep using the name to pay homage to the original host and because we don't want to rewrite tons of stuff to use a different name; that and MS:C veterans are recognize the term.