# Community Standard

These standard only apply to the actual community, not community ran servers.

# Community Guidelines

  • Be Mature You are expected to be mature and control your behavior in a manner that adheres to basic human decency. This includes keeping the past in the past, we're not here to police people on actions they might have done in the past.
    This community is fairly lax in regards to moderating language. However, racism, sexism, bullying, harassing, or otherwise being hurtful toward other people is not allowed.

  • Limit the Drama Please keep any arguments/disputes out of the server, no one cares about your disputes you may have or had with someone that is in the Discord.

  • No Political/Religious Discussions Please reframe from having any political or religious discussions in the Discord. We find that such discussions usually cause disputes and drama.

  • Be Patient This is an open-source project. No members of the development team are paid in an official capacity to write, maintain, nor support this game. Everything is worked on in our own free time, so it might take a bit for us to respond or address issues with the game.